Vanta API

Learn how to leverage Vanta's GraphQL API to build custom tools, apps, and processes.


The Vanta GraphQL API is in beta

  • We provide no formal guarantees on uptime or backwards compatibility.
  • Endpoints may change as we add more functionality.

Welcome to Vanta's developer docs, where you can learn more about our API and developer tooling.

Our GraphQL API lets you query or mutate Vanta's data to build your own tools, apps, and processes. Using the Vanta API, you can:

  • Query test results to create custom dashboards, notifications, or auto-remediation steps
  • Query inventory and change owners, scopes, or descriptions to automate inventory management and use Vanta as the source of truth for assets in your company
  • Link accounts to Vanta users to automate personnel management
  • Download or upload documents to build simple evidence collection integrations
  • List and download policies to pipe policy info across your company

and more.

Navigate to Quick Start to start building, or go to our recipes to browse pre-built solutions.

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