Final checklist

Congratulations on building your integration! You can now reach out to us for final approval and deployment to customers. Before doing so, please ensure:

  • Your integration is sending the UserAccount resource at minimum, and optionally additional resources or documents.
  • Your integration is sending Vanta fresh data at least once every hour for each customer. This ensures customers have up-to-date security and compliance data, which is critical as Vanta’s reporting is time-sensitive.
    • If sending Resources, make sure you're sending a full "state of the world sync" each hour.
    • If sending Documents, make sure you're checking whether a new document should be uploaded each hour.
  • The source_id specified during OAuth is somewhat human readable, such as an account identifier, so that customers can know where their data is coming from.
  • The unique_id provided for each resource is globally unique and stable.
  • On the developer console, you've set the following so that users can install your integration:
    • Name
    • Logo
    • Category
    • Installation URL

Once you've done that, please contact us for final review - and publication to our integration network!