Guide - Managing Tests


Custom tests enable users to define logic in Vanta to validate the data they have sent as resources for a Private Integration.

Custom tests can also be created to extend the validations done on any resources received through a Partner Built Integration.


Tests are what power Vanta’s automation and continuous monitoring. By adding your own Tests, you can expand Vanta’s capabilities into additional platforms.

Custom tests will behave and have the same attributes as Vanta Tests. The following articles explain Tests in Vanta in further detail if needed, but you can continue with this guide directly if you are already familiar with Vanta’s Test and Test Page.

The Test Page
Getting Started with Tests
Tests priorities and SLAs


Custom Tests do not require any additional API Requests to be made into Vanta, they are completely defined and operated inside your Instance.


Custom Tests are scoped to your Private Vanta Instance, therefore Custom Tests will only validate the resources received via the API for a Private Integration or via a Partner Built Integration.


Creating a custom test for a custom resource, defining the test logic, identifying the custom test in Vanta's Test Page and validating the failing resource.


By the end of the Custom Tests Guide you will have a complete understanding of how tests work in Vanta, and you will be able to create your own private tests to power additional functionality in Vanta.