Postman Setup

In this section we will briefly describe how to set up your postman environment. As mentioned before, this section can be skipped if postman is not the application of choice to send requests to Vanta's API.


Postman is an industry recognized API platform for building and using APIs, that simplifies each step of the API lifecycle and streamlines collaboration.

Included with this guide is a Postman Collection & Environment that contains some pre-built API requests that you can use in tandem with the guide to get you up and running more quickly!

When the Postman icon is presented further in this guide, there will be some additional instructions to assist in leveraging the provided Collection and Environment. The requests used in the guide are pre-built in the Collection to make first time use of the API as easy as possible.


First, ensure that Postman is installed in your environment. You can download it for free here or use their web application. Remember to check for updates to make sure you are using the latest version.

Second, download our collection.

Third, unzip the downloaded package and access the necessary files:

  • Private Connectors Environment Guide.postman_environment.json
    • Contains a minimum set of environment variables that will be used to hold the values of your Vanta Private Integration
  • Private Connectors Guide.postman_collection.json
    • Set of API requests, required to authenticate, get and push resources into your Vanta Private Integration. These reference the variables from your environment, making them Application agnostic.

Finally, use the Import function in your Postman application to load both files.

Once successfully imported, the environment and the collection should look as follows.

As you proceed through this guide, you will be required to update the values in your environment, with those created in Vanta, before being able to successfully send your requests.


Update the initial and current values of all variables and click SAVE before proceeding.


The values of the {{token}} variable should never be set static in your environment, since this is a session key which will change on every Get Token request made to Vanta.


This collection will automatically refresh the value of the {{token}} after every Get Token request is made and save it in the required variable for you to use in subsequent requests.