Base Resource Types


Resource types specify the minimum properties that Vanta expects to power functionality. Resources defined for your Private Integration will belong to one Base Resource Type. These provide archetypes of how resources should be exchanged via the API.


Vanta provides predefined schemas for the most common resource types supported by other 3rd party applications and the option to extend these schemas with custom properties.

All of the Vanta provided resource types, with the exception of the Custom Resource have already been programmed to integrate and interact with the Vanta UI in the same way a resource from a Vanta built integration would. Vanta will continue to add additional predefined resource types over time.


The Custom Resource type is different in the sense that it was designed to be used as generic resource type, enhanced by custom properties as required by the specific use case.

Once an Authorization Token is obtained, any number of resources can be synchronized to Vanta in any order using that token. This guide will focus on only a few resource types to begin with, but will be extended to show examples for all others later on.

Supported Resource Types

Have a look at our Resource Types, description and functionality here.

Next we will show how to exchange User Accounts and Custom Resources using the API. After completing any (or both) of those sections, you will have learned the foundations of how to send and retrieve resources from Vanta via Private Integrations.


All resource types behave similarly, where you will identify the resource type, select the correct endpoint in Vanta, and submit GET and PUT requests following the required resource schema.


Ready, set, go!