Introduction to the Connectors APIs


To build on Connectors, you'll need to register as a partner. Email [email protected] to get started.

Connectors lets you create integrations that send data to Vanta.

Vanta will process the data you send, display it across the product, and use it to automate security monitoring and compliance evidence gathering for your customers.

You can send two types of data:

  • Resources: JSON blobs that describe assets managed by your tool (such as computers or accounts).
  • Documents: Files generated from your tool (such as PDFs or CSVs).

Examples of product functionality running off of Connectors - including automated monitors, inventory management, and access management.

Building an integration requires three steps:

  1. Register an application and implement OAuth to let customers connect your app
  2. Determine what resources or documents to send
  3. Create a periodic job to send resources on an hourly basis or update documents on the cadence specified in the corresponding evidence request

The typical engineering time is often 2 days or less.

What’s Next