Introduction to the Vanta API Suite

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Welcome to Vanta's developer docs. Here, you'll find comprehensive information about our available APIs and developer tooling, designed to empower your team with tools for robust security management and compliance monitoring.

The Vanta API Suite

Vanta offers a variety of APIs tailored to meet diverse development and integration needs:

The REST API allows you to manage and interact with your resources and data effectively. Utilize this API to automate actions and tasks, fetch data for custom workflows and reporting, or bolster your security operations. The REST API serves as a powerful tool for creating applications and tools that streamline the management of your Vanta instance.

Private Integrations are designed for internal use within your organization. Build custom integrations with your in-house solutions or leverage this capability to connect with third-party services not yet supported by Vanta.

The Connectors API enables partners to construct integrations that transmit resource and compliance data to Vanta. These integrations facilitate compliance automation and security monitoring for shared customers, enhancing mutual capabilities.


The API spec is hosted on the API Reference page!