Creating Custom Tests - Alternative

This section describes how to create Custom Tests using the Developer Console in Vanta


Custom tests can be created for any connected Integration directly in the Tests page as described in the previous section Creating Custom Tests.

The following example will describe how to create a Custom Test through the Developer Console for a Private Integration. Before moving forward in this guide, ensure you have at least completed the New Application and Application Resources steps. Custom Tests validate your application resources, so those should have already been defined in your Vanta Private Application before proceeding.


Add a new Test as explained in the Custom Tests section of the My First Connector Guide.

  1. In the developer console, select your Application, and then click on the Custom Tests tab.
  2. Select the + Create test button.
  3. Complete the form by providing a name and a description.
  4. Select the resource and the form will show the available properties for that resource.
  5. Select the property from the resource. Based on the type of the selected property, Vanta will show the possible comparison operators and values. See table below for details.
  6. Select the desired Operator and values for your logic.
  7. Click Create


It’s very important to define the PASSING condition of your test. Resources that do not match the criteria, will cause the Test to FAIL and when all resources are satisfying the criteria, the TEST will be in an OK status.


Currently Vanta supports 3 types of properties, but this will continue to be enhanced, so check your Vanta instance for the latest available options.

Tests Logic

Property TypeComparison OperatorLogicComparison Value
Boolean=isTrue / False
String=equalsYour Value
String!=not equalsYour Value
StringINCLUDEScontainsYour Value
Integer=equalsYour Value
Integer!=not equalsYour Value
IntegerBETWEENwithin rangeYour Range
Integer>greater thanYour Value
Integer>=greater or equal thanYour Value
Integer<less thanYour Value
Integer<=less or equal thanYour Value


New Test

Create a custom test as follows to ensure all emails for the User Accounts resources sent in our example align with company policies following the company name pattern.

Test Identification

Once the test is created, it will be available in the Tests Page in Vanta under the Custom Category.

Test Details

Clicking into the test will provide details of the items to remediate, last refresh, and due dates as expected for any Vanta Test.

In our example we have sent a user account via the API with email as, which does not match the expected test logic that the email should contain the string causing the test to fail.


Congratulations! You have reached the end of the Guide!